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How it works:

Fill out the order form below. The more details the better!

You MUST add as an administrator to your blog for me to install the elements for you. For instructions, click here.

Your price is determined by the design package you choose plus any additional addons than those alloted for the package.

Once order and payment are submitted (using the buy it now button) you can expect an e-mail from me within 24-48 hours (though usually sooner) with an estimated start date for your design and with any additional questions I may have for you.

E-mail communication is very important during the design phase so please be on the lookout!

Designs typically take 10-15 days from start to installation.

Branding is also available and will be invoiced separately. Please e-mail me for more details.

Facebook Profile Image: $10.00
Custom Watermark: $10.00
TPT Banner: $10.00

Custom Design Package
Package Type
  • Motivate - 2 addons ($100 USD)
  • Vitalize - 5 addons ($120 USD)
  • Infuse - unlimited addons ($145 USD)
What type of design are you looking for?
  • Teacher
  • Minimalist
  • Other
Design Likes: What elements of design do you enjoy? What colors do you want? Please link to any blog designs that you like the style of.
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